Digital Recording

There are two types of Digital Video recorders used for CCTV system applications. There is the single channel device capable of recording a single video signal, which is similar in function to the conventional VHS VCR.

Secondly there is the digital recorder combined with a multiplexer or triplexer, which can record a number of cameras, one after the other in rapid succession.

Compared to tape based recording, DVRs have a number of functional and performance benefits:

Digital Recorder

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Digital Recorders

This professional 16 channel DVR system achieves 250 or 500GB digital storage across 16 cameras at 100 fps and comes with triplex operation and a built in CD writer and software to allow remote viewing.

Digital Recorders

TRIPLEX, 4 channel DVR that uses MPEG4, is networkable and has USB back up facility and a remote control.Record up to 4 cameras simultaneously, View camera footage remotely, TRIPLEX, 160, 250 or 500GB hard disk included, Record at up to 100fps spread across all cameras.