Static Body & Dome Cameras

When designing CCTV systems, we believe one of the most important decisions is choosing the right camera.

If a static body camera or cameras are to be used outdoors then black and white cameras are more suitable, as they need less light to form a useable picture.

Colour cameras are more suitable for indoor applications where light levels are higher.

Now with technology moving on, the next generation of cameras are available, referred to as day/night cameras, these cameras operate in colour when the light levels are good and then switch to black and white when there is less light. i.e at night or in buildings when the lights are switched off.

The main performance criteria of a camera are its sensitivity and resolution.

Sensitivity is a measure of the minimum amount of light required by the camera to generate an acceptable image. Resolution defines the amount of picture detail in the image produced by the camera, referred to as TV Lines. The higher the TV Lines the higher the resolution and image quality. 

Static dome cameras can be used in a wide variety of applications. The unobtrusive and modern design of a dome housing is able to incorporate most camera type's i.e. colour, black & white, day/night and Infra-red. The robust Anti-Vandal domes are ideal for areas were the cameras may be attacked or at risk from theft.

With over fifteen years of knowledge in the design and technical capabilities of CCTV cameras we are more than sure to choose the correct camera for the job in hand.  

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Static Camera

This high performance camera features an impressive 30 x optical zoom lens and two integrated IR LED lamps, which enables the unit to capture images at an approximate range of 50 metres in light levels as low as 0.00 lux (IR LED on).

Designed for areas that are prone to attack, the camera is enclosed in a vandal resistant and weatherproof housing. The robust design of this model makes it a highly visible camera that can act as a deterrent in hostile environments.

This is a high performance day/night weatherproof camera that is suitable for both internal and external applications. Boasting a unique and stylish design and clear, sharp images 24hrs a day. Including a built in array of 18 IR LEDs, this day/night camera is able to operate in light levels as low as 0.3lux (day) and 0.00lux (IR LED on).