IP Cameras

An intelligent IP video camera is a compact single channel video server which accepts a standard coax camera input and converts it to an MPEG4 or MJPEG video stream for Internet and LAN transmission.

Ideal for demanding surveillance and remote monitoring applications, a network dome camera includes advanced features as precise pan/tilt/zoom control, superior quality Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video, advanced event management functionality, 4 alarm inputs/4 alarm outputs (for e.g. door sensors, alarm bells), 20 preset positions and sequence mode (guard tour). With security features such as HTTPS and IP address filtering, the AXIS 232D and the Sony SNC-P5 range of IP CCTV cameras are perfect for professional security installations.

Up to 20 viewers can access the cameras simultaneously when using Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 unicast. Video can be viewed in 5 resolutions (up to 4CIF), image compression is configurable.

The AXIS 232D and SNC-P5 have built-in Web servers, providing full access to all features through the use of a standard Web browser.

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IP Cameras


The SNC-P5 is an integrated IP network camera incorporating pan and tilt capability with a x3 optical zoom. It is able to stream either MPEG-4 or JPEG video streams across the network at 30 frames per second at 320x240 image size. The SNC-P5 also has the option of Compact Flash and Wireless Cards. Microphone and speaker connections are provided for bi-directional audio along with a composite video output for local viewing or recording.


IP Cameras

Intelligent network speed dome camera. The first intelligent network speed dome from Sony. It combines speed dome capability with extremely high image quality, intelligent functionality, dual encoding, three compression formats (JPEG, MPEG 4, and H.264), and privacy zone masking. These qualities make the SNC-RX550P ideal for a wide range of mission critical monitoring applications.