Integrated Reception Systems (I.R.S)

An IRS system gives you freedom of choice.

An I.R.S. system is ideally suited for a multi-point dwelling from a large house to multiple units such as apartment blocks, student accommodation, offices and retail.

By collectively combining the broadcast signals from satellite, terrestrial UHF/Digital, FM and DAB transmitters an I.R.S. system is capable of distributing the following programmes and services to any viewing location at the same time down a single coaxial drop cable:-

View Secure has installed over 150 I.R.S. systems on time and to budget. Careful planning is necessary to ensure all signal levels are kept within their correct window of operation throughout the system. At View Secure we only use the latest in test equipment and strict guidelines are kept to when commissioning our systems.

An IRS solution means the property will be ready for the digital switch over, giving the choice to the customer as to how they wish to receive their TV programming.

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