Satellite Master Antenna Television Systems (S.M.A.T.V.)

A Satellite Master Antenna Television system is often installed when the number and type of channels are to be controlled and supplied to multiple televisions for example in a Hotel.

A SMATV system can distribute from one to thirty channels of Free to Air or subscription channels from the line up offered by FREEVIEW or SKY. Welcome pages and radio stations may also be distributed if required.

A unique piece of equipment called the Multibox has been designed as the solution for making SMATV systems digital ready and not affected by the switch over from analogue to digital.

The Multibox is the ideal solution for hotels, bed & breakfast establishments, shared housing properties, care homes, hospitals, schools and prisons. It receives up to 5 channels in digital and coverts them to high-quality analogue TV signals that are fed down the existing SMATV distribution system. For example all 5 of the UK public service broadcasting TV channels (BBC1, BBC 2, ITV, CH4, CH5) this allows all existing TVs, VCRs and PVRs to receive the chosen 5 Digital channels without the need for an extra set top box at each viewing location.

Additional Multibox’s can be added to a system to increase the amount of channels distributed.

Due to our knowledge in this field our top engineer at View Secure has made positive suggestions about the Multibox that have subsequently been put forward to the Multibox development team.

Whether you require a new installation or an upgrade of an existing system the team at View Secure will ensure it is carried out efficiently and with the least amount of disruption.

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